Laminate Flooring Could Increase Cancer Risk

The center for disease control and prevention (CDC) was notified of a possible cancer risk brought about by laminate flooring.

Reviews, contention and speculations have risen over increased risk of cancer from such floors which prompted a research study.


The study was to identity laminate flooring cancer risk and various deductions were made.

Formaldehyde, a major compound in laminate flooring was identified as the primary concern and it has been said to increase the risk of developing different kinds of cancer.

However, the original study used an indoor air model that had incorrect ceiling height and the results included;

• People with asthma and CORD experienced increased frequency of asthma symptoms and other respiratory problems when exposed to low level of formaldehyde.
• Exposure to higher levels of formaldehyde causes nose, eyes and throat irritation to everyone.
• The risk for cancer is quite low (about 2-9 per 100,000 people)

After the correct ceiling height was used, the study yielded slightly different results which included the following;

• Exposure to low end levels of formaldehyde causes nose, throat and eye irritation for everyone.
• Exposure to modeled levels of the compound increases symptoms for those suffering CORD, asthma and other respiratory issues.
• The risk for cancer is about 6-30 per 100,000 people.

What does this mean?

Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring compound identified to cause cancer and it is used in the manufacturing of pressed wood.cure-1006810_1920

According to the US consumer reports, laminate flooring imported from China is suspected to produce harmful emissions of this compound.

Although the statistics of the research study conducted on 100,000 people suggested a very low risk, it is still worth noting and worrying about.

Concerns have been raised about Lumbar Liquidators which owns the largest laminate flooring enterprise and has stores in 46 states in the US.

The recommendations however remain the same concerning this new cancer risk.

Users are advised to take keen and sufficient measures to reduce exposure to formaldehyde as much as possible even if it means avoiding such flooring.

This is the only way to alleviate respiratory symptoms and it will also prevent cancer


Research study is still ongoing about the risk of cancer and level of formaldehyde released from laminate flooring.

Meanwhile it is advisable to stay of the safer side by avoiding laminate flooring cancer risk by installing different floor designs that are not associated with the risk.

If you have any respiratory condition like asthma or CORD, it is best to stay away from laminate flooring and any other product that may increase the frequency of symptoms.