Dangers Of Abusing Heroin

Heroin is a drug whose primary use was to diminish pain in a medical context. However, as the time went by, people started misusing and abusing the drug for its recreational effects. Those recreational effects include muscle relaxation, sedation, euphoria and pain relief.p0oiuytrewq

One important thing that you need to note about heroin is that it is a depressant and like any of its kind, it is highly addictive. If you are using or you know, someone using heroin, kindly encourage them to seek medical help from Rehab Encinitas as this drug can be very destructive to their lives. In this article, you will get to learn how dangerous the abusing of heroin could be to your health. The following are some of the worst effects that you can observe from heroin abusers.

Ugly faces

One way to tell someone who is abusing heroin is by observing their physical appearances. They will appear unkempt, skinny and less hygienic. What happens with those who abuse this drug is that their veins collapse and develops keloids. Consequently, you will notice pus discharge from their body which is also contributed by the regular injection of the drug.

Droopy stance

Another observation that you can make from heroin addicts is that they will always appear very much relaxed or drowsy. They will always exhibit trouble standing, sitting or even changing positions. They are as if they are in their own world. They always drag themselves to walk because they have some difficulties in moving their legs and arms.

Constricted pupils

Another adverse effect that you will get from abusing heroin is that you develop constricted pupils that do not respond to changes in light. Under normal conditions, the human eyes will experience eye constriction when exposed to bright light. Also when people get old, they pupils naturally becomes smaller and does not open wide in limited light.

Poor hygiene

srdfyhjklCleanness is next to godliness. This never makes sense to people who are addicted to heroin. They never take care of their bodies properly. You will find that these are people who created utter enmity with water and they rarely change their undergarments. Consequently, they emit unpleasant smells that make their social life a hell. This is why you will realize that heroin addicts never bring up a healthy family.

Running nose

Another problem that is common among the heroin addicts is a runny nose. This is caused by respiratory associated disorders that are caused by the abuse of this substance. Their nose appears to be red with flue like symptoms.