Five Top Essential Oils for Home

Most people are interested in aromatherapy but do not know where to begin. They are not aware of the oil to use or how they should use them. Essential oils are critical because they help you to have a naturally healthy life because of the medicine value they provide. Lavender is one of the most favorite essential oil for home use. It plays so many roles, and its aroma is one factor that makes it common in many homes.

Scientific Reports reveal that it contains calming action. This is why it is also used in many pharmaceutical medicines. The oil has a lot of skin care applications too from treating wounds and burns. It is also an essential ingredient in most beauty care products. The most common use of the oil is to help you get better sleep at night. To do this, you should sprinkle one drop or two on the face cloth and put it under the pillow.


Tea tree

Tea tree is another important essential oil that is applied to small cuts and scrapes. It is very effective for almost every skin
infection. Tea tree can also be used to treat athlete’s foot and other related conditions.bcxcxdxdewewew

The good thing is that it is readily available and inexpensive, so accessing it should not be a problem.

Lemon essential oil

This is an excellent cleanser that can be used around the house and for the body. You can take it internally to enhance cleansing of the gall bladder and liver. You should take three to five drops in a small cup of water. To get the best results, make sure you take it with your stomach empty. The oil also has a purifying effect on water by killing some waterborne microbes. The great aroma of lemon essential oil is a great plus.


Peppermint is essential in boosting mental clarity. You get this benefit by just inhaling it straight from the bottle, but ensure your nose does not touch it to avoid any effect on the mucous membrane. It is also great in foot creams too because of its cooling effect. You can also use it to help reduce indigestion. It is also found in capsules form and assists in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.


hghghghghghhghgThis is another essential oil for home use for helping in allergies, asthma and many other breathing conditions. It is utilized in a diffuser, or you can sprinkle some drops in a steaming bowl and then inhale