Healthy Ways Getting Rid Of Ear Mites In Dogs

If you are looking for healthy ways get rid of ear mites in dogs, it’s often hard to know what remedies will be appropriate. I’m sure you have encountered a lot of web pages which make a case for natural remedies; however when other sources tell you that you require products from the local pet store, things can be confusing. The ear mites in dogs usually cause them lots of discomfort. This article is designed to resolve every confusion you have about the issue of treating dog mites, so you can make a well-informed choice about the treatment you decide to use.

Options available

Corn oil

Making use of a few drops of corn oil (such as Wesson) makes an excellent remedy for dog ear mites. To start with, massage thebvbvbbvbv oil concerning the inside of the ear, employing a cotton ball to clean thoroughly the infected area.

This remedy is repeated for three days.The oil offers three diverse functions, as it soothes skin, and also speeds the healing process.


After including drops as a remedy for ear mites, rubbing the dog’s ear will help uniformly distribute the treatment. Gently hold the ears to ensure that the part of your thumb is within the ear. Make use of the other fingers to keep the outer skin of the ear. Don’t let your thumb go into the ear canal deeply. This massage on the ear can help free impacted wax, and makes the coffee-colored debris a lot more visible to be able to remove more quickly employing a cotton ball.

Aloe vera gel

An ear mite treatment for dogs that also offers safe, useful, soothing relief to the ears is by using an aloe vera gel plant leaf. Just break off a small tip of a leaf, and then swab the ear with the gel by using a Q-tip. Within a couple of days, you should notice a change in the situation of your pet’s ear.

Flea medication

To tackle ear mites in or dogs, numerous swear by making use of flea treatments, like Frontline as well as Revolution, to get rid of ear mites. Put one drop in each ear on a day to day treatment.

Vicks Vapor rub

You can use the cotton ball to swab the dog’s ear with Vicks Vapor Rub once daily to suffocate ear mites. After a day, clean out the ears to get ready for a reapplication. It is recommended to repeat this treatment for three weeks.

Clean pet bedding

nbnbbbnbnhggIf you want healthy ways to get rid of ear mites in dogs to be effective, you have to also regularly wash your pet’s bedding all through treatments.