Health Benefits Of the Rowing Machine

The rowing machines, just like the other fitness machines have developed over time. The machinery is currently the new way of exercising thanks to technology. The advantage of using machinery to exercise is that the individual can be able to track their progress systematically. The rowing machine is one of the most favorite machinery that is used in exercising. Visit for more information on the health benefits of the rowing machine. Let us explore the health benefits of the rowing machine.

Health benefits

Improves cardiovascular fitness

One of the advantages of the rowing machine is that it improves the cardiovascular fitness. It is common knowledge that whenever nmnmnmnmnmnmyou take part in the sustained exercises that are aimed at increasing your breath volume and heart rate, then you are working on your cardiovascular fitness. Rowing is one great exercise for the lungs and heart since it engages the major muscles of the body.
This, in turn, causes the heart to pump more blood faster which makes the tissue muscle work and delivers the nutrients and energy to the cells. As it does this, the waste products like lactic acid and carbon dioxide are buffered away.

Low impact

The other health benefit of using the rowing machine to exercise is the low impact that they cause in the joints. You have to maintain a good form to enjoy the low impact. When rowing, the feet are usually in contact with the footpads with the hands being in contact with the handles.
This means that there is usually no or little impact on the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and ankles. These are some of the body parts that are normally prone to injury. With the rowing machine, it means that these areas are less likely to be injured while exercising. It is because of the low impact that this form of exercise is ideal for the individuals who are physically uncomfortable during the weight-bearing exercises such as jogging, running, and walking.

Increases the total body muscular endurance and strength

hhghghghghghgLast but not least, the other health benefit of exercising using the rowing machine is that it increases the total body muscular endurance and strength. It is critical to note that the muscular endurance and muscular strength are two different things. The Muscular strength is defined as the particular weight that a given muscle can lift in a single effort.
Muscular endurance, on the other hand, refers to weight a specific weight that a given muscle can repeatedly lift over a given time frame.